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Here you can find a list with the latest changes in SMPlayer:

SMPlayer 14.9.0 has been released

Summary of changes:

This is a maintenance release. This version provides a new fix for Youtube playback. We also improved the option to search for subtitles. There's a new feature, requested by many users: now it's possible to shut down the computer after playback.

Important The themes and skins use a new format. Now instead of installing hundreds of png files, the images are packaged in resource files. That means that you need to update the packages smplayer-themes and smplayer-skins as well.

SMPlayer changes

Version 14.9
  • Fix for Youtube.
  • New option to shut down the computer when playback has finished.
  • The themes and skin icons are loaded from resource files (*.rcc).
  • New fix for searching subtitles from that should return more results.

Youtube browser changes

Version 14.8
  • (Linux) Fix playback when using MPlayer as player.
Version 14.7
  • New translations: Albanian, Slovak and English UK.


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