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SMPlayer değişiklikleri

Versiyon 17.9
  • Now it's possible to the search for subtitles using the filename instead of a hash.
  • [Daha fazla bilgi]
  • Fix for the OSD when using SMPlayer with mpv 0.26.
Versiyon 17.8Versiyon 17.7
  • Add some options to configure the conversion of srt subtitles to vtt for Chromecast (Preferences -> Network -> Chromecast), like the position of the subtitles on screen.
  • Fix a crash that may happen in the playlist when trying to delete selected items.
Versiyon 17.6
  • Possibility to convert automatically subtitles in srt format to vtt when playing on Chromecast.
Versiyon 17.5
  • Fix for YouTube.
Versiyon 17.4.2
  • New option (menu View -> OSD) to display the times with milliseconds.
  • New fix for the thumbnail generator that works also with older versions of mpv.
  • Bugfix: the position of the video is remembered when it's opened by drag & drop.
  • The Windows installer won't install mpv on Windows XP since mpv is not longer compatible with Windows XP.
  • New option to use the mplayer ffhevcvdpau decoder (Linux only).
  • Avoid some crashes from mpv.
Versiyon 17.4
  • The thumbnail generator has been fixed.
Versiyon 17.3Versiyon 17.2
  • Fix for YouTube.
  • The option to delete files from the disk in the playlist is back but it's disabled by default (you can enable it in Preferences -> Playlist -> Misc).
  • On Linux SMPlayer now uses a different web server, included in the packages, to serve files for Chromecast. If you installed the package webfs you can uninstall it now since SMPlayer won't use it anymore.
  • New translation: Norwegian Bokmål.
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