Latest changes

SMPlayer changes

Version 16.4
  • The Windows installer now includes mpv as well.
  • Now it's easier to switch between MPlayer and mpv. (Preferences -> General, select either MPlayer or mpv as multimedia engine). [More info]
  • The extrastereo filter works again when using mpv.
  • Possibility to use the VLC shortcuts. (Preferences -> Keyboard and mouse, click the load button, select vlc.keys).
  • Possibility to enable mouse gestures (when the mouse is dragged up or down in the video window the volume changes, if dragged left or right it changes the time position). You can enable this option in Preferences -> Keyboard and mouse -> Mouse -> Drag function: seek and volume.
  • A fix for saving bookmarks.
  • The option for streaming sites in Preferences -> Network is different now, and allows these values: disabled, auto, YouTube and mpv+youtube-dl.
  • An animated icon has been added in the status bar to indicate when the player is buffering.
  • A new layout is used to display the media information (Options -> View info and properties).
Version 16.1
  • Fix for YouTube.
  • The screenshots work again with older versions of MPlayer/mpv.
  • Possibility to add bookmarks (menu Browse), which allows to mark your favorite parts of the video for a quick access.
  • New option 'Prevent window to get outside of screen' in Preferences -> Interface.